New Criticals

Certainly there are detractors of not only the material but the alternative methods in which it was shared. Even though the album c'est mort, the duration might give people the impression that this was tossed off. Or that every time there is a new release method different from what we are used to, it's somehow a cheap ploy to get listeners. We're not discussing U2 here. It's worth noting, the release has surpassed 4 million downloads and is now currently available on Bandcamp, further widening its reach to potential new listeners. To suggest, as some reviews had, that this release is a cheap vessel for minor Yorke, and that the relative quiet PR around its release is an indicator that the material was made with less care, is a bold assumption. The material is brief but emotive, dark but with real kinetic energy. Yorke meditates on melancholy like he always has, but there is a feeling of forward movement.

Furthermore, releasing a short collection of songs via this platform, best known for illegal pirating is significant and almost radical. The ideology behind Yorke’s decision to release in this way simply illuminates the larger dialogue about creative control, how online media is mediated by big business and how the artists (even the most popular of them) can monetize their work in the streaming service economy. BitTorrent Bundle and Bandcamp, take roughly 10% of a release's earnings, unlike iTunes and Spotify which offer much less to a musician should they choose to share their work this way (the statistics from the musician's perspective are worth revisiting).