New Criticals

South of Africa

Ιn Memory of Hector Pieterson (1964 born - murdered 16/06/1976)

I. Falling in Johannesburg

I am
Seetebogiso [1]
singing wooden notes
these days with unknown faces
A bird on Magic Guarri [2]
the pre-world
A sheet of gold on Towerghwarrie
for all possibilities

A Motlhakola in the inner eye
striking the naked horizon

We are
musiciennes du silence
waving l' éternel azur
the nameless beauties of truth
a danced circle around the dying eland of history

Oh! Heal
my past
is yours

We are
spellings of the unsayable
breathing in a waterhole

Oh! Heal
my past
is yours

these children with unknown faces
these days of June are wounded
blood and milk

Oh! Lure
the ferocious animal out
to the real world

The sense of sight and of touch
weathered images are falling
in Johannesburg