New Criticals

Unfortunately, what the pictures do not show is the forms those foods are cooked, prepared, and finally consumed. While the pictures show unprocessed goods, the overall idea is not to show the channels food goes through to be cooked and consumed, or the role of multinationals in controlling seeds, or the way certain governments subsidize specific crops, or the movement to mono-varietal growing at industrial farms. Also no prices are shown, missing an opportunity to understand how expensive some diets have become and the pressure on farmers to maintain artificial low prices for the sake of preserving profits for industrial food conglomerates.

What the pictures do show is a very different interpretation of the family unit. Not all the pictures show a traditional nuclear family, and in many cases the extended family (grandmothers, uncles and others) are included in the portrait. However, I’m sure this was not the main objective of the photo-journalist and is certainly not the goal of people who use these images to convey their politics.