New Criticals

However, this call for authenticity has not only alienated innovation in the form of cooking techniques, it correctly cautions about inauthentic ingredients and farming processes, while at the same time it battles piracy of recipes. This quest to prevent un-reattributed copy has pushed some restaurateurs to ban cell phone cameras in their halls, while others have started to trademark dishes and names of their creations. Authenticity is now a brand of its own.

Still, this call for authenticity has a very dark side, that of copyright and authorship. Many of the chefs forget that their cuisines are too copies of well tried flavors and experiences. Their plates forget history and only regard the present moment as important, without looking into the future, which inevitably is one of replication. But the chef is not the only culprit in this story. Both the food industry at-large and the consumer are also to blame.