New Criticals

And the current trend in affluence is to display for others what kind of object one can afford. And one must always mark with the proper hashtag (#womw) so I can search through all such tagged posts and see a unbroken series of exorbitant chronographs and macro photography of the acceptable brands’ logos. The watch’s function as a measurement of time is clearly secondary to its value in these kinds of posts, and for this kind of collecting, ownership is only validated by showing it off; money exchanged for goods exchanged for likes. It is impossible to forget, however, the basic function of a watch, and that objects like these, ticking away the seconds, will be worn by more than just one wrist, and, like the watch ordered but never seen by Marie Antoinette, will have many owners, prized by some, ignored by others, but illustrating again and again the impermanence of that relationship. The collector yearns for an object far beyond mere enjoyment, wanting nothing less than a tangible representation of being in the world. But the watch, regardless of desire, keeps on ticking.