New Criticals

It’s all very hollow, and it would be all too easy, I suppose, to give in to a knee-jerk criticism of such opulence, such conspicuous consumption. That is, were it not for that I, of the consumerist cogito, who in affirming an identity among followers and collecting likes burnishes a false self-image (false for being impossible, false for making the watch face the subject while hiding the real face) that seems to place the material even before the human. The hashtag #womw (what’s on my wrist, also possible horror film last words) makes it almost laughably literal, that things are in the saddle, and ride mankind.

As examples of beauty in design and ingenuity in construction, there are few objects like watches; the minute and complex machinery translating spring force into periodic oscillation can still inspire a real wonder. It is an example of human intelligence aiming at a deceptively simple purpose, and over hundreds of years, succeeding members of that craft guild getting closer and closer to truly accurate measurement.