New Criticals

Arts and crafts.  My sample diverged from their identities on other social network sites when posting “pin boards” about arts and crafts.  I did not see any discussion of art projects on my sample’s other social media profiles; however, each person signified their role as a member of Pinterest’s female community by dedicating a “pin board” to these activities.  For example, one user has a “pin board” called “cute DIY projects” that mostly features ideas for improving one’s home.  This includes ideas for making a garland out of pinecones, creating a coat rack out of doorknobs and building a necklace hanger out of a shower rod.  It is impossible to tell whether this user has participated in these projects.  However, her profiles outside of Pinterest feature her engaging in numerous other leisure activities (such as eating, partying and vacationing), with no mention of crafting.

Thinsperation and Fitsperation.  It is not surprising that a female-dominated social network site would dedicate content to body image, weight loss and fitness.  Each member of my sample had at least one “pin board” that was based on eating healthy and/or working out.   This diverges from the content that my sample shared on Instagram.  For example, one user has a “pin board” called “Health and Inspo,” which is dedicated to diet and exercise.  However, this user’s images on Instagram feature “#Foodporn” pictures of nachos and Oreos.  Therefore, her “pin board” of “Health and Inspo” is rooted in her participation as a member of Pinterest’s female community.