New Criticals

To Walk in Space


The edge of the dome of the Louvre: this is where the architect escorted me yesterday. I walked, yesterday, where no other man will walk again. The construction site of the Louvre of the desert reorganizes space in zones that are alternatively accessible and inaccessible to the public. With the architect as my guide, I was allowed to visit the temporary towers which were used to assemble the dome.

The work of art is not contained in space. Rather, it opens a special access to space, which is of the order of geometry. Relativity theory teaches us that space is not an absolute container but is the product of the dynamics embedded in it. The work of art has a dynamics of its own; therefore one wonders what the corresponding space might be.

The museum is an exploration of the space that is adapted to the work of art. It doesn’t contain the works of art but it highlights the space that follows from their dynamics. Now it so happens that the perfect place for the universal museum has been found. It is the desert, of course, or that part of the world in which space can be best sculpted and best outlined.