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First Five with Simon Critchley



Simon Critchley, Ph.D., is Chair and Professor of Philosophy at The New School. According to Critchley, "As a philosopher, I am interested in everything. But I have particular in modern Continental philosophy. But I have written on a wide variety of themes and authors, most recently on ethical and political theory, the relation between philosophy and poetry, the nature of humour. At present, I am working on Rousseau, Heidegger, Ibsen, Beckett, Pessoa and Levinas."

Here are his first five...


"I check the BBC Website for the big stories and also for soccer news, which occupies a lot of my time. My family is from Liverpool and Liverpool Football Club is my only religious commitment"



" major new source throughout the day"



"I love the Approval Matrix"



"I work for the The New York Times on 'The Stone', which has been a long and really enjoyable roller-coaster ride"



"My 8 year-old introduced me to '', which is brilliant..."

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Simon's 'first five' have also been published in more detail in a recent article with The Chronicle of Higher Education.