New Criticals

Every question you ask presupposes an alternative universe. — Tom Raworth

Everyone wants answers. But a problem that arises now as ever, is that of asking questions, something that a lot of people are afraid of, what they may reveal. A four-star general goes on a one-sided “press briefing” to state, among other things, that if you question the (democratically elected or not) leader, you’re flat out wrong. Maybe it’s a fear of what remains otherwise unseen, unknown? It’s the work of those seeking truth to consider the question more than the answer, which is something the current order rejects. Their m.o. is My Way or The Highway. However, there is always with each human being, a sense for meaning that lies beyond the conventional reality we’re told to follow, to paraphrase the writer Colin Wilson, whose nonfiction book The Occult is a history of the unseen and ints initiates.