New Criticals

Not Another Food Blog

A couple of days ago Andrew Zimmern posted an interview with David Lebovitz for his series '5 questions'. The first question to David was about his career as a food blogger. His response is telling of the past and present of food blogging. I have known David for a while now, and do remember a time when food blogging was limited to a couple of industry insiders. The change, which has been influenced by easier platforms to blog and micro-blogging, has meant that there are increasingly more voices joining the legions of bloggers. Now, there are food blogs by raw vegans to vent out about cooked people, mommy tales of their artisan children, homesteaders making us desire the pastoral life, sponsored-paid posts full of fluff describing foams and airs, ethnic descriptions in broken English-food parlance, ranty-chef entries in highly-promoted sites, and of course the much loved food-travel itineraries read by 9-to-5ers in their lunch breaks.