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First Five with Natalie Jeremijenko


Natalie Jeremijenko directs the xdesign Environmental Health Clinic.  Her work was included in the 2006 Whitney Biennial of American Art (also in 1997) and the Cooper Hewit Smithsonian Design Triennial 2006-7. She has a permanently installed Model Urban Development on the roof of Postmasters Gallery in Chelsea. 

Ever wanted to have an office with stretching views of Manhattan, right on the waterfront ... and in the canopy of a lovely shady tree? Actually you can reserve your time in the Tree Office now, because it is a forthcoming project of Jeremijenko, produced as part of the Civic Action project at Socrates Sculpture Park. Or you can join the "space race of the C21st" which is how Jeremijenko describes the systems challenges of urban agriculture by grabbing an agbag that can transform your railing, window sill, parapet or fence and some thin air into arable territory. 

Here are Natalie's first five...


"My website..because it always needs work and I am still not certain how this realtime and/or geolocated indicator initiative is going to work. Think financial indicators for our shared environmental health, dowjones for the tomcod (that's the hudson river fish that everyone else depends on, including us)...advice anyone, on which are the right indicators to publish to coordinate collective action?"

"Sometimes this website attendance feels like a sisyphisan ritual, other times it is the habit of cleaning teeth, but sometimes the smell the idea that this is the contemporary imperative to publish or perish, demo or die, exhibit or expire...could it really be so? then there has to be a better way."


"  and - calls, stories ...(ok, and Independent and Guardian -- why english newspapers speak to me? ok, the Monthly too) "

"Hasn't been updated in a decade,  but it is still the best thing for locating the pollution issues in terms people can understand, so I use it to orient new impatience"

“Eyebeam, BRAC … Google alerts and what my research assistants have sent. I spend too much time on … silly of me”

Thumbnail image of Natalie is from here.