New Criticals

At Long Last No Decency

Because of its close connection to the internet, gamer culture has been at the forefront of discussions about doxing and gender-based threats; however, doxing and its effects reach beyond these communities. In the cases of Guthrie and Quinn, one can see how harassment is used to re-assert the toxic masculinity of certain online spaces.  However, many-on-one harassment has few boundaries, and can even transcend basic notions of human decency.  In May of 2011, Ched Evans, a football player currently under contract with Chesterfield Football Club, raped a young woman.  He was later convicted and sentenced to five years in prison.  The young woman he raped has faced a five year campaign of harassment and doxing, with angry Evans fans calling for additional acts of rape and violence against her for having had the audacity to be raped by Evans.  She, as best she can, lives out of the spotlight and has had to change her name and identity multiple times, most recently in 2015 when she was doxed and her picture was spread around Twitter by Evans supporters.