New Criticals

This is Hardt and Negri's "Informatization of Production":

"The relations of capitalist exploitation are expanding everywhere, not limited to the factory but tending to occupy the entire social terrain [while also completely investing the relations of production with social relations] making impossible any externality between social production and economic production.”  

Labor power and its qualities cannot be grasped, nor exploitation measured and localized, with any guaranteed degree of certainty. Sociality and productivity are enmeshed. Abstraction itself is a vital tool. Hardt and Negri tell us again: objectification and exploitation tend to target not particular productive operations but the universally social productive capacity - that is, “the universal capacity to produce...abstract social activity.” Hence, abstract labor as an “activity without a place;” as cooperating “sets of brains and hands, minds and bodies;” as “the intellectual energy and linguistic and communication construction of the multitude of intellectual and affective laborers,” all subject to exploitation.