New Criticals

On Sincerity, Safety, & the Girly Collective: An Interview with Gaby Cepeda


Gaby Cepeda is a curator currently based in Lima, Perú. In addition to curation, she explores critical art writing and gif-making based online. Her work exists hand-in-hand with her personal identity, encapsulating multiple overlapping experiences of living in Latin America as a Mexican female. Her curatorial work remains neatly balanced between “traditional,” IRL shows and prolific Internet-based projects, specifically the Girls of the Internet Museum (GIM). No matter the medium specificity, however, Cepeda keeps true to her feminist ideals through constant consideration of gender, racial, and geographic inequalities prominent in the art world, the net art world, and pop culture.

Cepeda's practice illustrates that one can exist in-between worlds and manifest the same core beliefs in each. The GIM, a tumblr-based, ongoing collection of work by female-identified artists, showcases girly experiences as expressed online and mediated through cyborg realities. The GIM is a prevalent contributor to discourses on sincere female-identified narratives as opposed to male, heteronormative experiences. Cepeda's work in IRL curation ride on the same fundamental ideologies.