New Criticals

But it's really not bad, really. Grimes at number one seems appropriate, there's lots of Yeezy and Fiona, and they don't shy away from reminding us that "Gucci Gucci" is still tight, so I'm happy. All smiles!

With one important exception, that is. Under normal circumstances I try not to inflate Pitchfork list nitpicks into blog posts (I just tweet about them, duh). In this case, though, it's bigger than Pitchfork, and it's not their fault, but ours – or, rather, the entire music-listening public that is not me. Slotted at 128, right between "Come on a Cone" (stellar) and Fleet Foxes (I'm sorry I can't hear you I just barfed up all my internal organs), is "Rill Rill" by Sleigh Bells. Its presence there can only mean we (again: not me!) have failed Sleigh Bells repeatedly, and now music's biggest posterity engine is on the verge of remembering an actually great band only for its least interesting song.