New Criticals



The following sentence is so hateful and makes me so sad that it’s taken me six or seven tries to even write the thing, but here goes: Justin Timberlake’s new single “Take Back the Night” sucks – like, a lot.

I say this out of a deep and ecumenical love of popular music, and, more importantly, I mean it about the music itself.  That is, I’m not the type of person who dismisses pop out of hand (a product of pure ressentiment), and I’m also not merely adding to the growing chorus of fans cheesed at JT for unknowingly nicking the name of a prominent anti-sexual violence campaign.  The latter are, of course, right and Justified (zing!) in their critique, though I take it more as sadly reflective of how much time people in the ‘Suit & Tie’ demo actually spend thinking about politics, which is to say not a whole hell of a lot.