New Criticals

"In 2010 I set up the first open access website dedicated to helping early-career academics get published. At first, I was entirely responsible for day-to-day operations of this site/community. Since landing my own book contract I have offered the site to ‘managing editors’ to run in their own way, but I stay in constant contact to help and support them. Managing editors gain valuable visibility in an over-crowded job market; regularly interact with academic publishers - both networking with prospective editors and developing their knowledge of writing and the publishing industry; and get quick and honest answers about how best to broadcast their own research. On top of this, by running a blog and regularly writing for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – and possibly even video blogging – site editors get hands-on experience of how to communicate across a range of platforms. Having been involved with arts organizations such as Furtherfield and Rhizome, written about email-based art discussion lists, and critiqued art in a number of non-traditional locations already, I am only too aware of how important it is to be able to communicate across a range of media. I am convinced this type of holistic and hands-on learning helps provide a faster and more in-depth knowledge of academic communication standards. So every day I check in on PhD2Published (front and back-end) and it's twitter feed and Facebook page and make sure that Anna, the current managing editor, has everything she needs."