New Criticals

e. Never mind, I’ll just go back and reread HHhH, reveling in its syncopated narration, Laurent Binet’s vinegar wit and his absolute adoration of the Czech resistance against Nazi Germany. I suppose there's a trend here, all the books or authors I've recommended had to be translated so I could read them. Not that I commission translations. You know what I mean.

f. "I don’t think it’s advisable to trust the books you read, lord knows they don’t trust you."

g. Syncope cuts off consciousness, perhaps as a defense mechanism, emerging through evolution from time immemorial when humans weren't very good at playing dead. Syncopation is disruption, the order broken or changed, a defense mechanism against the boring and the same. All literature worth reading breaks or disrupts accepted orders and ideas, with either a satirical eye or provocateur's smirk. I knew I had some kind of point to make.