New Criticals

Killing Time, Pt. [1] - Capture


Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. - Aristotle

We fill pre-existing forms and when we fill them we change them and are changed. - Frank Bidart

On screen appears a series of visually distorted letters and numbers obscured via the manipulation of color, composition and space. The user is prompted to identify and record the characters before they can move on to the next page or step in whatever process. Complete the puzzle correctly and the user proves his or her humanity. More importantly, an implicit contract is signed - your intentions are benign. This affirmation rests on another, even more turbulent and nebulous, principle: the understanding of what is “proper” on the Internet; how one should behave and what one should be doing with these digital freedoms. In lieu of a montary exchange, the user offers his or her personal information, pledges allegiance to a particular organizations terms of service;  we will follow the rules.