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First Five with Millie Christie-Dervaux


Millie Christie-Dervaux (@mchristiederv) is a social media person, writer, photographer and editor based in New York. She likes to write about looking, being seen and what it means to make "art."

Since my day typically “starts” in the evening when my brain is at its fullest, I thought I’d share my Last Five instead of the First. Here are some of the choice websites I visit regularly (that are more revealing of how I think and what I think about than my two first sites for news etc., Facebook and, mostly when I get home at night - Millie Christie-Dervaux

Real Life Mag. The internet is full of primal feelings! Real Life is really good place to go if you want to read a really great selection of writers explore how weird or comforting or scary technology is, and what it reveals about power and desire, and our little human selves (see: Quick Fix: WikiHow is an ever-evolving collection of coping mechanisms or Dividing Lines: Mapping platforms like Google Earth have the legacies of colonialism programmed into them).

Photographer Diana Matar’s online portfolio. I have been looking at and writing about her latest series of photographs, This Violent Land (which itself is still a work in progress), for the past couple of months. I return to this page and these photographs often.

My own website. Deleting, adding, editing, refashioning, the few things I have up there, just in case anyone is looking. The “drafts” portion of the website/blog is the most visited—and is private.

The Twitter feed of Sociologist Tamara Nopper. I’m on Twitter a lot and most of the time I just scroll through whatever’s on my feed, but Nopper’s timeline is one that I seek out almost every day. I deeply appreciate her pace and the timbre of her thoughts—I’ve learned so much from her. >:-)

A trusty resource like any other! On a more theoretical level, though, I’m fascinated by writing as a vehicle for fantasy—how language can throw the body into the most primal state of vulnerability. Of course, including this website on this list is also an experiment—what does it mean to include porn in my “media diet”? What does that say about my "internet presence" and my "real person"? Sex! The internet! Writing! Everything is a performance and everything is real! ��